IT Product Development

Founded with passion and dedication, ClientCue Business Solutions Private Limited – a leading IT product development company – has been consistently transforming product owners’ visions into stunning, intuitive mobile and web software products, supporting millions of users. 

We bring a fresh perspective to your problems through our responsive design and development process, which expedites your time to promote and make sure you launch the right product at the right time for the right people.

Why Choose ClientCue?

At ClientCue, we understand that businesses of today leverage IT (information technology) to amplify growth. With a team of highly experienced professionals with the necessary expertise, we are fully equipped to take your software development to the next level. Right from the design to maintenance, we efficiently deliver tailored, affordable solutions to meet your requirements. 

Our services include:

Web Application Development

Your web requirements are more likely to develop concerning your user-interactivity, connectivity, and security. Our expert development team is skilled at using Client Side and Server Side scripting to precisely match any requirement, giving you a robust online presence.

Mobile Application Development

With no limit to the number of mobile users all around the world, your mobile app represents your brand, being its face. At ClientCue, we take great pride in building responsive, market-ready, and sleek apps that will engage you with your target audience before you even know it.

Custom Software Development

It is critical to simplify processes with business needs, to boost operational efficiency and business profitability. We endeavor to understand your business needs and build custom software applications, allowing you to incorporate other applications and systems into one seamless software system.

Corporations, to stand out from the competition, are under tremendous pressure to optimize costs and align IT with business outcomes. To meet and overcome these challenges, the option of custom software development services goes beyond the capabilities offered by pre-constructed solutions.

Opportunity Management


ClientCue’s Opportunity Management on Unitrix platform is a digital innovation middle layer that can effortlessly incorporate with the bank’s current technology landscape. It can provide a greatly configurable offer management capability, which enables customer choice, boosts customer relationships, lessens time and price to promote and drives growth through up-sell and cross-sell capabilities.

Features of ClientCue’s Opportunity Management


It is about the construction and provision of the right offers to each customer, which is based on their specific needs and choices.


It is about Product, Service, and Benefit Offers for individual customers, accounts, and active sub-segments.


It is about comprehensive and rule-driven qualification and eligibility criteria drive tailored and proper application of offers.

Life Cycle Management

Rapid offer roll-out and offer switching and recurring evaluation and expiry management ensure the most effective portfolio of offers.

Extremely Versatile and Configurable

It is about simple formation and managing offers with instinctive user experience (UX) for different characters.


It is about the insight and rule-driven automation of the entire process.

Benefits of ClientCue’s Opportunity Management

Pact Management

Why Unitrix?

Pact Management offered by ClientCue on Unitrix platform allows firms catering to domains, including travel, telecom, insurance, and financial services to handle the sales process. Right from the construction of the proposal through to the negotiation and deal closure, it facilitates the entire process for organizations so they can deliver tangible results with transparency and measurability.

Our Deal Management ensures a data-driven deal process that gives a boost to transparency, extensively enhances the sales process, streamlines intricate negotiations, and improves the revenue quality.


Drive customer choice by offering highly effective and appropriate solutions


Minimize time and cost to promote specific offers as well as campaigns


Drive overall value of the relationship through offers and benefits


Enhance revenue quality through automated managing offers, like enrolment/de-enrolment


Boost offer quality and breadth by co-innovating with third party partners


Authorize front end staff to service customers through definite and customized offers


Lower operational and revenue risk through end-to-end automation

Pact Management

Features of ClientCue’s Pact Management

Tailored Deals

It facilitates the creation of definite, choice-driven deals for each customer.

Enterprise Level Platform

Integrated capability to deal with intricate cross product and cross entity deals

Smart Deal Pricing

Create expected revenue and profits which are based on price points and throughputs to drive negotiations.

Compliance Driven Workflows

Create a fully automated workflow and notifications as well as multi-level, chronological, and corresponding approvals.

Perceptive User Experience

Intuitive UX based on character, letting ease of use, and appropriate interaction.

Ease of Integration

Automated execution of the deal ensures synchronization with downstream pricing and billing systems.

Benefits of ClientCue’s Pact Management


Drive customer choice by offering appropriate solutions


Alleviate conduct risk and promote equality by fair pricing for every product and service


Minimize cost through automation of the end-to-end process including deal execution


Boost the overall relationship value through offers and benefits


Improve the sales process by providing the right insights for each stage of the process


Diminish operational risks and enhance controls through conditional approvals and centralization of the entire process

Product Management

ClientCue’s Product Management offered on the Unitrix platform allows a single source of truth for every product and service for various sectors. Some of them include travel, telecom, insurance, and financial services sectors. Merged with an end-to-end lifecycle life cycle management view, the master file facilitates the handling of tailored products, such as internal and external partner products. Also, it assists in preventing inaccurate selling through improved controls and allows for product convergence.

Our Unitrix platform gives us the adaptability to define any product or service across every line of business. Also, it provides extensive traceability across the life cycle of a product and enhances time and cost to promote considerably.

Features of ClientCue’s Product Management

Responsive and Adaptable

We create a responsive and configurable product through a business-friendly framework.


Our platform enables appropriate, customer choice-driven, and relationship-based selling of products and services facilitated by regulations.

Single Source of Truth

We create a consolidated, enterprise master for every product and service across every line of business.

Business Centric

We use prebuilt product templates in the system or define your own templates with smoothness.

Simple to Incorporate

Our well documented APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) enables effortless incorporation with other systems.

Complete Life Cycle Management

We consistently monitor and track the progress of the products through its different life stages right from ideation to expiration.

Benefits of ClientCue’s Product Management


Minimize time to promote through a configurable, template-driven framework


Craft aggressive differentiation by the swift launch of distinguished offers to vibrant sub-segments


Regulate the products and services being offered in the market through an integrated catalog


customize and contextualize the products to each customer base not only on framework but also the choice of the customer


Improve choice for customers by mastering partner products and services in the catalog


Boost revenue quality through insight-driven life cycle management of products


Prevent proliferation of the product through a rule-based framework that drives appropriate product behavior


Prevent leakage of the revenue by the establishment of a single source of truth for all parts of the process, from selling to billing


Facilitate regulatory compliance with traceability and end-to-end audit logs for every action